Support Our Affiliated Vendors 


The following companies are product and/or services providers who are affiliated with the Illinois North Shore Chapter of ASIS. They may be member companies, or sponsors that may have purchased the space on the website.  Although we believe each company herein to be reputable and reliable, the existence of a company on this list does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the company by the Chapter. We recommend you conduct any necessary due diligence prior to doing business with them.


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Affiliated Vendor

Access Control Accessories  



Access Control Cards & Tokens 



Access Control Readers & Control Units 



Access Control Sys Installation/Service 



Access Control Systems & Features 



Alarm Installation Materials & Tools 



Alarms-Special Applications 






Banking Equipment & Accessories 









Bomb Disposal Equipment 



Bullet Resistant Material 



Cable And Wires 



CCTV Cameras & Accessories 



CCTV- Remote Video Transmission 




CCTV Systems & Features 



Central Station Equipment 



Communications Equipment-Wireless 



Computer Software Applications 



Consulting Services 



Contacts-Door & Window Switches 



Control Panels 



Digital Video Recorders -CCTV 



Document Controls & Destruction Equip. 



Door Hardware 



Doors & Door Operators 



Eavesdropping Countermeasures 



Electronic Article Surveillance Equipment 



Emergency Communications Equipment 



Emergency Messaging Service 



Equipment Leasing And Financing 



Equipment Racks And Consoles 



Executive & VIP Protection 



Expert Witness 



Explosives Detection & Identification 



Fencing, Gates & Gate Operators 



Fire Alarm Equipment 



Fire Alarm System-Installation & Service 



Furniture-Consoles, Monitor Mounts 



Glass Break Sensors 



Glass Protection (Glazing) 



Guard Services 



Guard Shelters 



Guard Tour Reporting Systems 



Guard Uniforms & Accessories 



Identification Systems & Accessories 



Information Technology Security 



Integrated Security Mgmt Systems 




Intercom Equipment 



Intrusion Sensors 



Investigative Services 



Key Control Equipment 



Leasing Companies 












Mail/Package Screening Equipment 



Marking Materials 



Metal Detectors  




Motion Detectors 



Parking & Traffic Control Equipment 



Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems 



Personal Protective Equipment 



Power Supplies & Materials 



Public Address Systems 



Publications-Training Materials 



Radio Equipment 



Remote Entry Systems 









Signal Transmission 












Video Support Systems 



Visitor Management 




Wire And Cable 



 X- Ray Inspection