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Mike Keleher began his 31-year career in state and federal law enforcement following his graduation from the Northern Illinois University School of Law in Dekalb, IL in 1986 and passing the Illinois State Bar the same year.

Mike Keleher was hired by the Rock Island County, IL State's Attorneys Office as an Assistant State's Attorney, a county level prosecutor enforcing the laws of Illinois and conducting trials on behalf of the People of the State of Illinois. 

Mike left the State's Attorneys Office to accept a position with the United States Naval Investigative Service (NIS) as a U.S. Special Agent in 1987 and attended training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), in Glynco GA with a follow on posting to Los Angeles, CA. Mike Keleher completed a 30 year career with NIS (Later known as NCIS) in 2017 after serving as a Special Agent in LA, Chicago, Washington DC, Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Twentynine Palms CA and Camp Pendleton CA and several temporary foreign locations.  Some of his ancillary duties included being a firearms instructor to NCIS Special Agents, military and civilian forces  for over 25 years.

Mike Keleher spent most of his career involved with narcotics, undercover operations and death investigations and other criminal topics inside and outside the U.S,. and was a well known instructor at the NCIS Academy as well as in several foreign nations teaching firearms, special operations and death investigations.  MIke was also part of the original NCIS Cold Case Squad and stayed involved with cold case homicides until his retirement. He progressed through the ranks and became a Supervisory Special Agent, an Assistant Special Agent in Charge of several regions, and was also the Division Chief of Violent Crime, Death Investigations and Cold Case Homicide for the entire agency with worldwide purview over 300-500 death cases yearly.

Special Agent Keleher was involved in the investigation of the  Chattanooga TN terrorist attack against a USMC recruiting station and the Navy and Marine Corps Recruiting Center which left four Marines and one sailor dead, and subsequently has written and published articles and provided lectures on the attack and has provided active shooter training to a variety of audiences.

Mike Keleher retired from NCIS in November of 2017 and continues to write for the Guns Save Life.com website and magazine on firearms related topics, has published dozens of articles in professional magazines over the years and is the author of five books on hunting, firearms and concealed carry. Mike is a life long hunter and a prolific competition shooter travelling to national level shooting events  in pistol and 3 gun categories. He is also a concealed carry instructor licensed by the state of Illinois.

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