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Steven B. Uhrik, LCSW, CEAP, RLC

Employee Assistance Program Manager

Motorola Solutions, Inc. & Motorola Mobility, Inc.


Effecting a successful and lasting inter-disciplinary collaboration in any business or organization is both an art and a science, a daunting 'work in progress' that cannot be accomplished by only one person or group.  It's a major team effort and a process that can be described as an on-going journey with multiple destinations.

Collaboration in a major corporate setting was accomplished by EAP and allies in Human Resources through planning, overcoming resistance, technology development, training, marketing and influence. However, it was neither initiated nor driven in the manner that might ordinarily be expected. It was and continues to be a journey, not a destination.

It produced a unique Integrated Service Delivery System transforming the company's approach while maximizing resolution of workplace conflict and productivity problems. No professional boundaries were compromised. Confidentiality, ethics and professional practices remain strongly in place today.

Ideas and methods for effecting interdisciplinary collaboration can bring EAP/ Mental Health Professionals 'to the table' with Human Resources, Occupational Health, Security and the Legal Department and the business units. 

Primary due diligence must include the following:

  1. Understanding your organizational culture and history
  2. Learning the method of scenario planning
  3. How to seize a crisis constructively
  4. Understanding transitions leadership methods
  5. Transformation of silo based "departments" into strategic partners
  6. Change-seeking is a moving target
  7. How to create a business blueprint
  8. Maintaining professional boundaries, particularly confidentiality, during collaboration


Steven B. Uhrik, LCSW, CEAP, RLC is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Employee Assistance Professional and Threat Assessment Specialist who has provided EAP services in medical and corporate work settings both in the USA and overseas. He has also provided behavioral consultation and clinical treatment in mental health, chemical dependency, emergency room, physical rehabilitation and dialysis treatment settings in conjunction with medical staff. He is a Registered William Bridges Transitions Leadership Trainer and a Registered Life Coach.

Mr. Uhrik began his human services career in 1970. He entered the Employee Assistance profession in 1987 as Director of EAP for Grant Hospital of Chicago. He joined Motorola in 1989 as Regional Manager, Motorola Employee Assistance Program. In 1996, he was promoted to Manager, Global EAP Operations and Drug Free Work Force. His key accomplishments while at Motorola include:

*       The co-development of and pioneered the "Integrated Model For Employee Relations Service Delivery" which transformed Motorola's HR business culture while maximizing resolution of workplace conflict and productivity problems. This project became a Motorola University Research Presentation and a global Motorola HR Officer's goal.

*       As the Business Development Manager of a Motorola cross-functional leadership team consisting of HR, EAP and IT professionals, Mr. Uhrik was a key collaborator in the creation of an EAP database known as The Employee Assistance Master Mind (TEAMM). He also provided computer training that brought the EAP Organization to a higher skill level. 


*       Mr. Uhrik was a key player in the development, recruiting and staff training of Motorola's Asia Pacific Regional EAP, which covers over 10,000 employees and family members in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Indonesia.

He is presently Employee Assistance Program Manager for the Motorola Employee Assistance Programs; Motorola Solutions, Inc. and Motorola Mobility, Inc.

He has over 35 years of professional experience, including private clinical practice. He is presently Employee Assistance Program Manager for the Motorola Employee Assistance Programs; Motorola Solutions, Inc. and Motorola Mobility, Inc.

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