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The Synergies of Guards & Technology:

Virtual Security in the Age of Cloud Computing

Thomas Hines, CPP, PSP

Senior Director

VirSec™ / Virtual Security

a Huffmaster company

The challenges of intermixing guards and technology has been an issue since … well … technology began.  Guards, technology, or both?  And, if both, which plays what role?

The advent of cloud computing has added a new dimension to this conundrum.  If I utilize technology, what should I manage on-site and what should I manage via cloud-based services?  What are my control and management issues?  What about facility and data security?  What are the potential cost savings?  How will my IT department react?

Cloud-based security services can include Remote Managed Video, Remote Managed Access Control, Asset Tracking, and Hosted Security Services.  Virtual security can provide pinpoint interaction with on-site security guards and can allow an organization to redeploy officers to more human-required tasks.  The cost savings can be significant.     

The presentation, The Synergies of Guards & Technology: Virtual Security in the Age of Cloud Computing, will delve into these and other issues.  Mr. Hines will take an informational approach to present these concepts in an way that will allow attendees to judge if the cloud is the place for them.

Thomas Hines, CPP, PSP - Senior Director, VirSec.  With over 25 years in the security industry, Mr. Hines has broad background in security technology development, security consulting, and security management.  His industry experience includes broad-based physical security consulting, system design & integration, product development, and manufacturing.  Mr. Hines is Board Certified in Security Management and holds both CPP (Certified Protection Professional) and PSP (Physical Security Professional) certifications.  He is also an accomplished Security Technologist and has been awarded multiple patents and patents-pending. 

Mr. Hines is a frequent speaker and university guest lecturer on topics ranging from security technology, security and sustainability, and security business-related issues.  He has been involved in numerous security industry organizations, ranging from ASIS International to Crime Stoppers to the Security Industry Association (SIA).  He co-founded and is the past President of the Michigan Homeland Security Consortium, that state's homeland security trade group.

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