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An Introduction to the Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk (WAVR-21) Instrument

The WAVR-21 is a structured professional judgment assessment tool that is scientifically grounded and increasingly considered as part of a best practice approach to assessing and managing workplace violence risk. This instrument is designed for use by workplace threat management team members (typically Security, Human Resources, Legal, and Employee Assistance Professionals) to quickly identify and prioritize risk-relevant data.

Attendees will become familiar with the WAVR-21 Case Intake and Information Form, the Short Form and Coding Grid which identify and organize the relevant risk factors. The WAVR-21 consists of 12 risk parameters as well as protective factors and avoids clinical or diagnostic language. These risk factors are described in ways that emphasize observation of the subject's behaviors and statements and other important workplace situational factors. In this way, the WAVR-21 helps to expeditiously gather and organize important data, data that threat assessment specialists may then use should they be engaged to further evaluate the nature and severity of any risk. Come learn about this unique, pragmatic, and user-friendly instrument and see how it can improve the way you and your team identify, assess, and manage problematic individuals and behaviors.

Learning Objectives:

         A general introduction to the WAVR-21

         Development and Structure

         Benefits / Limitations

         Intended Populations (direct and indirect persons of interest)

         Briefly review the Case Intake and Information Form

         Review the Short Form

         Review the WAVR-21 Coding Grid

Presenter: Mark Brenzinger, Psy.D.

Dr. Mark Brenzinger is a Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and President of Midwest Behavioral Risk Management, P.C. His independent practice concentrates in assessing and managing behavioral risk. He has conducted hundreds of direct (in-person) violence risk and indirect threat assessments with male and female subjects, and he has consulted on over 1000 threat cases. Clients include Fortune 500 and Mid-Sized Corporations, Private Security and Investigation Agencies, Public Figures, State and Federal Courts, Correctional Facilities, and Community Mental Health Agencies.

Dr. Brenzinger regularly provides consultation and assessment services to the private sector. He assists corporations and their Threat Management Teams (TMT) in identifying, assessing, managing, and monitoring potential and actual threats to the organization, its personnel and their families. Additionally, he delivers a range of training services from introductory level coursework for the line employee to more advanced specialized services to the TMT and Executive Protection Teams to mitigate the risk to their clients. He is an active member and regular guest speaker at the Chicago Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and ASIS International.

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