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August 26th, 2015


Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the ASIS North Shore Chapter 2nd Annual Officer Appreciation Dinner and for your organization of the Officer of the Year award.  As you know, AlliedBarton takes great pride in the professionalism our officers display when addressing our clients' security needs and we welcome the chance to recognize employees who distinguish themselves by going "above and beyond the call of duty."

AlliedBarton is honored to nominate Officer Ryan Montag.  Officer Montag's first aid response and utilization of his Red Cross training, saved the life of an employee at Experian Marketing Services Headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois on June 12th, 2015.

On that day, Officer Montag was stationed at Experian's Reception Desk, where he traditionally works for AlliedBarton from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.  At 1536, Experian employee Amy Salinas called 911 after noticing her colleague Tenika Taylor slumped over in the chair at her desk.

The Site Shift Lead, Officer Andrew Wieland, specifically dispatched Officer Montag to Taylor's desk due to his ability to positively manage stressful situations.

Upon arriving at Taylor's desk, Officer Montag found her unresponsive, struggling to breathe.  With the assistance of an Experian employee, Officer Montag moved Taylor from her chair to the ground.  He then rotated Taylor onto her right side and observed her breathing.  Officer Montag felt Taylor's breathing was shallow and slow.  She was also not responsive to her name or questions pertaining to her current state.  During this observation, Taylor stopped breathing completely and her eyes started to become bloodshot.  When Officer Montag could not detect Taylor's pulse, he rolled her onto her back and started chest compressions.  After about

100 chest compressions and CPR, Taylor started breathing again.  She was moved onto her right side and monitored by Officer Montag until being relieved when Schaumburg Police, Fire and Paramedics arrived on site at 1542, 6-minutes after the initial call to 911.

Paramedics worked on Taylor for 15-minutes before moving her by stretcher to the ambulance.  She received

10-more minutes of care before the ambulance left for the hospital.  She remained hospitalized in intensive care for two-weeks while doctors pinpointed what happened.  She eventually underwent successful heart surgery and returned to work at Experian in the beginning of August.

Thanks to Officer Montag's quick response, Taylor is back to leading a normal life, having avoided any long term damage from her medical incident.  Taylor and her parents have both come by Officer Montag's post and personally thanked him for the heroic effort he displayed in saving her life.

AlliedBarton believes that Officer Ryan Montag is an excellent nomination for ASIS North Shore Chapter's

Officer of the Year Award.  During the above incident, he displayed poise in identifying Taylor's symptoms.

He remained calm and acted in conjunction with her colleagues to position her for First Aid and CPR.  He

called upon and utilized his training to administer First Aid and CPR.  Finally, he remained on the scene and continued to provide care to Taylor until Paramedics could step in.  AlliedBarton believes Officer Montag is a shining example of what the ASIS North Shore Officer of the Year award is all about; demonstrating the life changing impact security officers can have on their clients when they work as a team, utilize their training and display tenacity under pressure.  We hope you will agree and recognize Officer Montag for his exemplary service to Taylor, Experian and AlliedBarton.

Should you have any questions regarding this nomination, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 630-

276-6044 or via email at kevin.tomich@alliedbarton.com.

I look forward to seeing both of you at the Officer Appreciation Dinner on October 8th.  Thank you again for coordinating this event and for your organization of the Officer of the Year Award.

All the best,

Kevin Tomich

Business Development Manager

AlliedBarton Security Services

3710 Commercial Avenue, Suite #13

Northbrook, IL 60062

Cell: 630-276-6044


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