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Since we have now transitioned to the new website, you can review/enter activities online under the "Manage Your CPEs" link, which is located in your respective "My ASIS" tab https://www.asisonline.org/Certification/Recertification/Pages/default.aspx .

In order for us to process your activities more efficiently and avoid delays, follow these steps

Steps to view/report credits online

From the main page of the ASIS Website click the "My ASIS" tab from the group menu.

You will be prompted to sign in if you have not done so already.

Once you are in your, My ASIS profile, you will need to click on the "My Memberships & Certifications" tab.

To view your activities online, please go under the "My Certifications" sub‐section then click on:

"View Automatic Credits" - To view your ASIS activities credits.

"Manage Your Credits" - This will open a new page with a list of expanding drop down menus for each of the

CPE credit eligible activities. Please note that you will use this same section to enter new activities for review.

Click the activity you wish to view/submit credits for. This will open a separate window where you can enter the

information related to the activity (Program Name, Location, Date, Credits Claimed, etc.)

Once you have input the necessary information for the activity you wish to claim credits for, you will need to submit the supporting documentation that accompanies the submission.

To attach the supporting documentation to the submission, use the "Browse" feature at the bottom of the submission window. Once you have located the file you wish to attach, click the "Upload" button to attach it to the submission. (Supporting documentation such as a copy of a certificate/letter of completion and agenda that includes the hours of classroom is required)

When all of the pertinent information has been entered and the supporting documentation has been attached, click the "Ok" button to send your submission to ASIS HQ for review.

Iris C. Casco

Senior Certification Coordinator

ASIS International

1625 Prince Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

Direct: 703‐518‐1442

Fax: 703‐5181515



please notify us at asis@asisonline.org or at +1.703.519.6200 and then please delete the message from your system.

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